About the Doggy Dog Dog Detective Agency

Our goal is to help kids to be creative and stretch their imagination. We want them to be resourceful and confident; to learn to think for themselves and make intelligent decisions.


Becoming part of the Dog Detective Team is fun, challenging and safe. The more you do, the more you are rewarded: your member badge changes as you move up  through the detective ranks from Cadet to Diamond.


On the DDDDA you can buy books and even get them autographed, but there are so many more great free things to do: 

- Download photos, videos and information sheets about the characters, pets and the environment

- Download free games, puzzles and shortly... the Kody Kapers App for phones and tablets

- Upload (for the world to see) photos, stories and videos that you have created:


  • Where's Kody? - the global travel adventure

  • Puppyrazzi - fantastic photos of famous and loved pets 

  • Favourite Characters  



Detective work is all about putting the pieces of a puzzle together. This site is a safe, fun place to:


- Download the images, games, puzzles.
- Sniff out the clues,
- Track down Kody who's away on a secret mission.
- Upload voices for the characters 


The Dog Detective Agency  is a really exciting place. 


Join Now. Be Passionate. Have Fun.